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April 11, 2009

change the goal posts …

Filed under: Videogames — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 8:41 am

games create a fantasy world / environment.  but what are we imagining.  there are too many space marines.  too many roided up heroes saving the world, one murder at a time.

been happily playing rhythm tengoku, a rhythm game on GBA.  its a bunch of minigames.  quite random and cute.  usually the gameplay is pressing one button.  following audio cues.  most people who play cannot stop themselves from bopping along to the music.  i was getting into one stage where you tap dance to ska music with monkeys.  let me just repeat that.


so many games seem so pale and hollow in comparison.  not enough tap dancing.  not enough ska music.  not enough monkeys.

and the only thing on the screen that was brown was the monkeys.  everything else was bright and colorful.

this simple, cute, colorful game has given me as much joy as any game i have played in the last year …


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