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April 10, 2009

are we doomed …

Filed under: Football — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 11:26 pm

to having a chip on our shoulder about being a smaller country?

every game between an a-league side and a jap / chinese / korean club side is followed by

they have more money and better brazillians than us (so it was never really a fair fight), or

despite having more money and better brazillians than us, we won / drew!

is it so hard to accept that on the day, team x played better than team y? money is not the only thing that matters in football – a rich, but in disarray urawa reds came 7th last season, big rich united was lucky to escape with a draw against smaller porto, german giants bayern just got tonked 5 – 1 by wolfsberg.

the focus on the imports – is this an attempt to downplay the contributions of the locally born players?  whilst they don`t produce dominant strikers, the technical quality, smarts and attacking flair of japanese players can`t be ignored.  japanese clubs are good because japanese players are good.

lets build up our league.  lets build up our scouting systems so that we start consistently get good imports.  and lets stop using money and imports as an excuse.


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