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April 4, 2009

the a-league needs a mr pitch mascot … and the sound of silence

Filed under: Football — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 11:44 pm

was watching “super soccer” (i think that is the name) – the midnight saturday soccer highlights / talk fest on tv over here.

i usually don`t understand much, but i saw this slightly humanoid looking strip of pitch sitting on a bench waving … happily?  it was hard to tell.  no features on its face.  i am used to seeing cute anthromorphised animal mascots.  but the pitch?  woah.  and his name was mr pitch. he was shiny, flat and green.  i know its a he cos his name starts with mr.

of course, if there was an a-league mr pitch, he would have to look beaten up and bumpy.  daduh bing!

the sound of silence is an amazing thing.  the adelaide reds owners want out.  queensland/brisbane roar have issued a statement saying they are not handing in their licence (smoke.  fire.).  ante covic tattles on con about not paying player`s super … and no-one is talking about it.  the original auckland owners handed back their licence.  so did the original perth glory owners.  (apologies if this is wrong.  i am too lazy a muck to research anything i spout).  things could get bumpy.  all the kerfuffle about the asian player drain could soon be forgotten if the financial integrity of our brave new “franchises” collapses.


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