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April 2, 2009

boring, boring socceroos? … and the use of straw men

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didn`t watch the game – so i really don`t know much about the last socceroos game.  was it boring?  great?  dunno.  didn`t watch it. 

 i do know that it was a win though.  congratulations. 

what i do feel capable of ranting about though, is the style vs results debate. 

and the use of straw men. 

pim and the players have used a straw man tactic to deflect criticism. 

check out straw man at wiki

those that want more attacking play, or better play in general, are deflected with the argument that “an ugly win is better than a pretty loss”.  this is a straw man.  no one is asking them to go out and lose.  critics are asking for more attacking play / better play. 

using the response “i`d rather win ugly than lose pretty” ignores the critics` arguments and answers a different, weaker argument.  straw man. 

it also leaves several things unsaid (and undiscussed):

– australia reduces its chances of winning by using an attacking mentality

– flair football is inherently weaker than conservative football

both things that i don`t agree with.  which are being left out of the debate. 

are their faults within the pro-style camp?  yeah, but i am too lazy to try to articulate them right now.  if mike cockerill is on your side you know that something must be wrong with your arguments. 

do i like pim?  not particularly.  any coach who wouldn`t pick t. dodd for an a-league socceroos isn`t my kind of coach.  do i want to see him replaced?  dunno … if trousier was interested, maybe, or an obviously better coach, but i wouldn`t want to dump him and take a weaker coach.  there are worse coaches out there. 

pim is not guus.  we got lucky getting our hands on a coach like that, and it probably won`t happen again.  and the current team is not as strong as the 2006 squad.  the same players, but older, and without a fit viduka.  no significant new blood (sorry valeri, sorry wilks).  an older kewell.  an older, injured grella.  this is probably the weakness in the pro-style camp`s arguments.  a lack of acknowledgement that we have gone backwards talent wise. 

the current side is not as good as the 2006 side.  and maybe it is unsaid, but they are being judged against that group.

but it is a bit hard to have a proper debate when everybody is arguing different issues.  and using straw men. 

bad straw man users.  stop.


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