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March 30, 2009

belle and sebastian

Filed under: Life in Japan — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 11:34 am

if a teenage me coulda jumped in a time machine and visited the now me …

don`t think he`d be too impressed.  dunno if he would have wanted to top himself or anything crazy like that – maybe, but he was an overdramatic wanker. 

i know he wouldn`t have liked my taste in music.  (thats ok – i think his musical taste is a tad boring tbh).

he wouldn`t have liked belle and sebastion.  peaceful easy listening ish.  which i used to abhor.  but.  the lyrics aren`t annoying – this is probably the only new music that i have liked where i can make out the lyrics.  radiohead?  love em, but can`t understand what the lead singer is going on about.  mars volta?  ditto. 

but.  but.  an easy listening track with a mellow voiced singer singing “get me away from here i`m dying …”, in a mellow, cheerful voice … its just hilarious.  i love it.


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