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March 28, 2009

japan v bahrain …

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japan win after a deflected nakamura free kick.

is this the same bahrain team that made australia play so bad?  japan neutralised them pretty much.  the jap gk had a pretty easy night of it.

the pretty midfield play and the lack of bite up front were again there for all to see.

the one crazy bastard in this squad who isn`t afraid to pull the trigger – okubo was played at left forward in a front 3 – i think he is wasted out there.  the central forward – tamada, works hard, but is no gamebreaker.  the right back uchida put in a good effort, hitting the crossbar.  the left back nagatomo did his job defensively, but his crosses were poor.  nakamura won the game for japan – but i am never overly impressed by his open field play.  endo did well.  tulio and nakazawa were very solid at the back, and looked dangerous coming forward for free kicks.  japan really needs these two guys to stay healthy – the last time i saw another centreback play for japan, he was not impressive.

tactics wise there isn`t too much bad you could say about okada, the coach.  he just didn`t have anyone with the desire or ability to put the ball in the net from open play.

selection wise i hear he has his critics.  there is a young japanese striker starting in serie A.  4 goals this season, but he is starting.  he isn`t in the squad.  if australia had a striker starting in serie A, i think they would make the squads … okazaki – a striker who knocked 3 goals in in a friendly against finland B, sits on the bench …

think i`ll head over to rising sun news blog to see what wiser heads made of this game…

hehe, i disagree with those wise heads.  ken matsushita thinks japan needs to learn how to give a kick or two instead of just being on the receiving end … bahrain were pretty cynical and thuggish last night.  the ref should have shown more yellows to the bahrainis methinks.  but i disagree with ken.  i thought it was cool how japan ran down the clock at the end, stayed cool.  as the bahrainis lost their heads and kicked them even more in vain efforts to get the ball back (or were they just taking out some frustration on them?).  i think they need to put the ball into the net.  again.  and again.  and again.  their front third players need to stay on their feet better … and show a bit of selfishness / belief.  kinda like the highlights i saw of that kid playing serie A on youtube.


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