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March 27, 2009

“i`d rather win ugly than play beautiful football and lose”

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tis a meme that has turned up recently prior to the upcoming world cup qualifier against uzbekistan.  tis said as a defence against recent criticism that the team has been a bit lucky, crap, or even worse … boring.

but it is an interesting thing to ponder if you are me, as i don`t believe in beautiful football.  only effective football.  would spain do all that lovely, thoughtful passing if they weren`t a bunch of midgets?  no, this football that they play is merely the most effective available for them.  any aesthetic value it may have is a happy accident, nothing more.

so, tis a strange thing to hear players and coaches say stuff like the above … does this mean that the team is more effective playing an “ugly”, cautious football?  IF the most effective way for the team to play is by doing what Pim has had them doing so far, then keep on doing that.  IF “flair” football, “attacking” football is the most effective way for the team to play, then do that.  the idea that a team should play 1 way in order to qualify and that they will then play another way at the big event is rather strange.  leopards.  spots.  all that jazz.

the idea that pretty football is a risky way of playing is a strange one.  everyone is trying to win, nobody is playing pretty just for the sake of it.  pretty teams play that way because it is the most effective way for them to play.

when people say the “i`d rather win ugly …”, i think they are showing a belief that cautious, direct football is more effective.  and for some teams, it may be.  but for all teams?

so, what is the most effective style / set of tactics for this aussie team?  whatever it is, they should figure it out and stick to it … the idea that you will change style later and turn into the harlem globetrotters is ridiculous, and smacks of flat track bullyism.


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