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March 27, 2009

down the rabbit hole …

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reading through “alice in wonderland” again …

i love the playfulness of the writing, the strange characters and the properness of young alice.

and the impact that this book has had on modern thought.  not in a big picture, change the world kinda way … but ideas from alice in wonderland have inspired / matched very well with a range of modern memes / ideas.

red queen theory – In Lewis Carroll’s classic Through the Looking-Glass, the Red Queen, a living chess piece that Alice meets, has to run in place as quickly as she can to simply stay in the same place. In order to get anywhere else, she says, you must run twice as fast.  (took that from

prizes for all – love that one.

even “down the rabbit hole”.

lots of fun …

i also love some of the witty little exchanges – alice says she does know where to begin, and the king tells her “start at the beginning, continue to the end”  nah, that ain`t it, but its like that, and witty.


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