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March 23, 2009

the “next harry kewell” will not play in the a-league …

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not if he is developed by a state league team.

and not if the state league team has any sense.

the ffa has capped that transfer fees that state league teams can seek from a-league clubs to $5000.  if a state league club has a player good enough to warrant attention from an overseas team, they would be mad to not hawk them overseas …

several players have stepped up from state league last season – and made a splash along the way – barbiero, cole, bojic … but the most their state league clubs can get for their troubles is $5000?   the FFA is incenting state leagues to sell their best to overseas clubs rather than the a-league.

a while back their was a story about sydney united trying to make links with the croation fa to send players to their league.  with mandatory, capped transfer fees like this, they`d be mad not to.

this seems so heavily in favour of the a-league clubs that it is not funny …

possible solutions?  ok, everyone wants the a-league to stay solvent … but does it have to be so one-sided?  why not allow the clubs to negotiate performance based transfer fees?  if this guy plays x number of games in the next 2 years, we get y dollars, if this guy gets a socceroos cap, we get y dollars … let the clubs negotiate on-sell rights if a guy goes overseas …

australian football is not yet one big happy family working towards a common goal methinks …


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