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March 22, 2009

i am anti 6 plus 5

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as a small country that will always export its best talent, i am anti 6 plus 5.

under the current rules, any young aussie good enough to join a barcelona or a man u or a milan etc needs to be damn good.  damn damn damn good.  but change the current rules to mandate 6 players from the league`s country, and that imaginary wonderkid is now not good enough – they have to be even better that that.

cos foreign talent will flow down the chain through more leagues … to the players detriment as their earning ability goes down.  and it will become that much harder for aussie players to earn a spot on an overseas roster …

i think the best we can hope for from the a-league is support, and salary comparable with that found in the AFL … we will never match the salary available in a china or a japan, let alone a spain …population affects tv deal size, and we are a small fish in a big pond.

EPL, champions league, prima liga etc want the world to watch them.  they want the world`s fans and money, but now want to restrict the rest of the world`s players from playing in their leagues?


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