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March 21, 2009

which european league`s fans are the best off?

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the way things are looking – seems like man u will be the big winners this year.  just like last year.  so their fans will be the happiestest?  no?  ummm, yes, they will be.  or not.  with great powers comes great responsibility.

there will be some man u fans who will be upset because their team didn`t quite play like the teams in shaolin soccer.

but, as a fan of a new, rebranded league … where the quality is low, but fans are excited about what it could be … the question in the subject line interests me.  talking with other a-league fans, you`ll hear the line “it`s not the premier league …” as a disclaimer.


who wouldn`t want to emulate the richest, most popular, (currently) most dominant champions league power?  me.  cos i`m strange.

when the fans of only 3 teams can honestly think they have a chance to win the league at the start of the season (or worse, only fans of 5 teams can really picture their team competing for the title in the next 5 years).  when prices keep going up, up, up.  when fans look at squad lists and have to squint to find players who come from their country, let alone their city, when teams are owned by bad bad people (if not abramovitch, then definitely, frank sinatrakawyakdoakapa – i may have gotten the second bad guys name wrong … ex thai pm), when teams can be bought on credit and their profits are then used to pay off the loans that the new owners have borrowed to buy the team, when your team can almost borrow itself out of existence (leeds) …

it ain`t all coming up roses.

sorry, ranting.  oh yeah, the question above.

i reckon its the germans.  big crowds, safe standing spaces, cheapish entry prices, a comparitively open league (a recently promoted team taking a crack at winning the league?  hoffenheim – i know, they got cash behind them, but this is still mindblowing), minimum 51% members ownership of a club, good solvency laws …

hehe, note that i have not gone anywhere near the attractiveness of the football, or how good the football is.  on the former, beauty is in the eye of the beholder … so i won`t go near that debate.  and i don`t believe that no of goals is necessarily a good indicator of how attractive football is.  see my earlier rant on the lie of jogo bonito.  whatever attractiveness attaches itself to a particular style of playing is a mere happy accident, not a determing factor.

but on the latter … no.  by not funneling all available resources to the top of the league, german teams are unable to truly compete in the champions league.  so german fans do not get to see the best available football. that would be available to english fans, who can watch their heavyweights battle it out a couple of times a year.

but if i only cared about the quality of the football on display …

i probably wouldn`t watch the a-league, would i?

a wise dead guy once said that to analyse the fairness of a given society, imagine the following proposition – imagine you could be born into any strata of society … is this a society you would want to be born into?  ummm, he said it better than that too.  but anyways … using this question, you probably would want to be born into a denmark or a japan rather than a brazil (or perhaps, an america?).

imagine you could be born a fan of any team in a country`s league … would you want to be born a fan of a team from that country?  i`m picking the bundesliga over the prem.


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