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March 21, 2009

how the hell did pokemon get its claws into me?

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zelda phantom hourglass was the best thing and the worst thing to come out for ds.  the best, because it was one of the best games i played on any machine.  as good as twilight princess or wind waker.  it was that good.  and funny.  and it fit the ds perfectly.  fun, funny, well made.  good good good.

BUT everything i have played on DS since has not been able to hold a candle to it.  there has been lots of tasty little snack games that i can play on the train or bus … but no OMG woohoo wow games.  on a train or bus, a spot of braintraining or sudoku, or a space invaders extreme or soul bubbles is a great fit.  but none of them are OMG woohoo wow like zelda phantom hourglass was.

i am hoping that gta chinatown wars can be that next great game.

but right now, pokemon has its claws in me.  i have never played one of these before, but i had read good things about them, so i decided to try it out.  i am now 118 hours into the game.  i am guessing i am about 80 per cent of the way through the story.  the time taken isn`t related to story progress – i am sure you could finish the game more quickly, if you know what you are doing.  but it has been a strange journey.  i have stopped playing the game so many times vowing to leave it behind, but then, eventually the ridiculous polish of the game, the sheer size of the game, and the ponderous, slow slow slow tempo of the gameplay (which is perfect for playing while knocking back a morning coffee) bring me back.

it is boring.  is it?  or is it really slow?  i dunno.  but grinding up levels, gardening, seeing how the pokemon evolve, catching new ones … its fun.  or is it?  i dunno.

but it has its claws in me.  of that there can be no dispute.


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