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March 20, 2009

thinking ain`t really my thing …

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have been at my current job for almost 2 years (which is a long time for conversational english teaching) and i am wondering about what to do next, where to do it, when to go …

do i keep on english teaching (and enjoy being near tokyo, but in a job that isn`t deep and doesn`t have a built in pension payment),

or do i go home and find a job i can get old in, and that pays super?

and the list of pros and cons goes on and on and on … but i`ll stop there.  the freedom of teaching what i want versus getting sign off before i DO ANYTHING.  missing the entertainment part of teaching, missing research and analytical writing … ok.  i`ll really stop now.

so i decided to quit thinking my way through it and just float along for a change.  see what happens and roll with it.  cos when i tried to think it through, i got a bit natalie imbruglia`d.  no, i did not see a man born to life, but i am torn.

so i am not gonna make any decisions.  just float along and see what happens.

perhaps i am scarred by my law school experience … decided to become a lawyer and eventually work overseas, went to post-graduate law school, but could not get an opening in a law firm, so i scurried back to government.  it was very shocking, deciding to do something, but then finding that the doors weren`t open.  [i might be intelligent, maybe not, but my undergrad marks were middling at best].


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