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March 19, 2009

i thought i was reading the chaser …

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but no, it was the age website.  so, oz to create a secret blacklist of bad internet sites …did i just break a law by saying there is a secret list of bad internet sites?  i dunno.  maybe.

oz taking internet tips from china – just lovely.  i was a little surprised to see our middle left overlords continue with this … and the tone of the discussion does look straight out of the chaser –

– man on the street “i`m against secret censorship lists”

– middle left overlord “so you support child porn, eh?”

i better check again, was i reading the chaser?

[10 minutes later] nah, it was the age.

in a way, this is not surprising.  1 thing that i have endlessly repeated to any adult student of mine, or adult person i have met, it that oz is a much more anally retentive place then japan.  we got a set of tax laws that could pass for a couple of city phone books.  we got a business licensing framework that seems designed to snuff out any sense of entrepeneurship that a person on the street might have.  and our usual government response to any situation is the stick, not the carrot (from my experiences as a public servant).

the day will never come when japan will have mandatory helmets while riding bicycles.  there would be an uprising of colour co-ordinated, perfectly coiffed women who would ransack every police station, hunt down and execute the prime minister and the parliament … the country would burn.  you just do not fuck with these women`s hair.

most japanese cities have a network of small police stations all over the city.  even small towns.  and the police presence is quite visible.  but before the oz v japan game, there was a stack of street side vendors selling counterfeit  jerseys etc and the cops let them be.

oh, and they just made seatbelts in the back seat mandatory.  last year.

and fireworks are legal : )

i think the aussie larrikin is not exactly a myth per se, but exists as a counter-reaction to our dominant, controlling nature … first euros in oz were prisoners and prison guards, and not having a revolution or anything like that, we have kept the same mindset ever since …


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