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March 12, 2009

the proper apportionment of blame …

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now when things go badly … and you have no real power to influence matters (say, if you were a football fan), the first thing to figure out is who to blame.

the refs are a handy starting point … they can be counted on to make errors quite often.  being human and all.  some of those errors may even influence the outcome of the match.

but lets imagine the ref actually does a good job.  who should you blame for your team`s loss?

the candidate`s are the coach and the players.  how you pick out who to blame from these two candidates is a very interesting question.  are the players stuffing up the coach`s brilliant game plan, or are the coach`s ridiculous strategies stifling the champion team?  it can be pretty hard to tell sometimes …

it helps if the coach is easy to dislike … like graham arnold.  just blame him.  its fun.  you could even argue that his coaching is to blame on technical grounds.  if you are into that sort of thing.  like the olympic line up he used with 2 quick striker types who never got the ball where they wanted it.  apparently.

or on the other hand, if you like the coach, then, its good to blame the players.

or if you like the players.  blame the coach.  and vice versa.

the best way to apportion blame is to base it on personality.  it gets really tricky when you try to use a non-personality, technical approach to apportioning blame.

you have to look into the players strengths and weaknesses.  how they have played in the past.  how well they should be playing … how the coach`s strategy and selections affect the players performance.  how well the team as a whole play.  the coach`s history …

good luck with that one.

aus v kuwait.  blame the coach, or blame the players?  i dunno, i didn`t watch it cos i was at work : (


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