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March 11, 2009

if and who – two words missing from game reviews

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a mate came round with her ps3 last weekend.  had a massive play through biohazard 5.  god, maybe 5 hours almost.  that is the longest playthrough i have had in a long time.

but 2 player co-op using a good projector and sound set up (hehe, aimee even went and got hdmi cables – nerd!)  was fun fun fun.  the movement and controller system is ponderous, but once i got in the flow i was too busy having fun to think about it.  i also found the game very cinematic.  wow, this part is black hawk down.  this part is mad max II.

so i decided to check out how the reviews were going for this one.  the reviews i saw were very different to my experience so far of the game.  but that doesn`t mean the reviewers are stupid, or fanboys, or wrong.  we are playing very different games.

i played only the co-op.  i am a resi 4 fan.  i don`t have a ps3 or xbox360 (yet), and am unfamiliar with recent games in the action adventure genre.

IF you are gonna play this single player, then your experience will be different.

IF you have played, and loved, other recent big games, like GTA4, CoD4 … then your experience will be different.

IF you are not a biohazard fan … ditto

IF you have not played a video game since pacman on the atari … you will not be able to play this game.  at all.

the value you get from this game will depend on who you are … but this never seems to come up in reviews.  as the audience fragments more and more, the question will continue to come up … will this review really help you?

ps.  team fortress 2 rocks.  but so much change has happened since the initial release … that those initial releases must no longer be relevant to the game (if you got it on pc).  but where is the review that elaborates on TF2 as it stands now?


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