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March 11, 2009

gaming systems

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gaming systems – something i define as an approach to a game / task / objective that seeks to gain advantages through actions that do not coincide with the spirit of the game … but that do not break an expressed rule of the game and hence do not amount to cheating.

in pokemon (a game) – finding a special spot and tricking the game into thinking that you are actively playing, taping  down a button and making pokemon at the daycare centre level up while you sleep. using bots in WOW was gaming, until they expressly forbid it … then it became cheating.

the bodyline series.  at no stage did the english targeting of aussie batsmen break a rule … or the famous underarm bowling incident by australia v nz …

even where rules exist, if the penalty applied is trivial, the use of the breach and the resulting penalty can also be gaming the system … in a soccer match, targetting an opposition special player for consistent, minor physical fouls (that do not warrant a yellow card) in order to destroy the opponent`s rhythm is a gaming tactic.

even in real life, systems can be gamed.  in one instance, when trainers were given a new incentive, a bonus for students that passed the training.  many teachers started choosing only training participants who looked capable of passing the training.  a great detriment to the overall system, as the people who needed training the most did not get it.

why has this come to mind?  cos i gave a 5 year old a maze to complete, and he started at the goal and went back to the start of the maze.  what 5 year old thinks of this?  kids either gonna be prime minister of japan or in jail.  why bother doing a maze if you are gonna game the system like that?


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