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March 11, 2009

baby and the bath water?

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all the recent post – kuwait game hand wringing /blame alloting has been a lot of fun.  in the same way that drama, tragedy, and crime are all rollicking good fun.  a special kind of fun; why else would we cling to them?

was just reading a lovely little piece at sbs on the a-league`s lack of technique …

technique is lovely, but should we be careful to not throw the baby out with the bathwater?  in rejecting our physical style completely, would we lose something special.  aussies love the biff.  for better or for worse … its who we are.  if you disagree spend a night in one of australia`s cities, and then spend one in tokyo or osaka.  that drunken, testosterone laden aggression that you can feel in the air … its who we are.  a bunch of big boofy idiots.

this shows in our footy.  i still remember the aus v brazil game back in the last world cup.  the look of joy on vinnie grella`s face as he raked ronaldo`s shin … was priceless.  his righteous indignation as the ref blew the whistle was also a beautiful thing.  and watching the slow mo replay to see our vinnie win the ball, and afterwards raise his studs and get ronaldo afterwards … made me proud to be an aussie.   we are a nation of kickers.  and bruisers and tradies.  not me, i`m as soft as you can get.  but the rest of my people …

in an earlier rant i proselytised on how physical attributes have effected different countries footballing cultures draws on this.  just taking the spanish style, or the kuwaiti style wholesale is not going to be effective … we are not spain.  we are a bunch of aggressive boofy kickers.  and we love workers.  we need to develop a style that suits our physical attributes and temperament that raises our efficiency. or stop ignoring players who don`t fit the aussie stereotype, like nick carle or travis dodd, or at club level, kaz patafta. i am sorry, i started ranting there a bit.  crazy talk.

so raise the efficiency of what we do.  not pretend we are 160 cm tall, and have all the corresponding strengths and weaknesses.  except for evan berger, you are excused.


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