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March 5, 2009

do they really stop being ours?

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so big sash is heading to korea and will represent his parent`s homeland, macedonia.

so you won`t be seeing him on any lists of aussies overseas any time soon …

some will want to wash their hands of sash, but not i sir!  or madam. as the case may be.

just cos someone reps another country doesn`t mean they have given up their citizenship …

the croatia squad that faced oz in the world cup had 4 aussies.

jo simunic chose to play for croatia.  he is still a canberra boy.  he came up through melbourne knights (i think).  those connections and history don`t just evaporate because you choose to play for your parent`s country of birth.  maybe he will come back to the a-league.  and make a great contribution.  i am sure he will get a rough reception.  i don`t think it will be justified. a lot of anglos don`t understand the complexity of loving your country (oz) and the country of your heritage.  despite the fact that this is a migrant`s country.

joey didiluca gets a warmer reception, as he wanted to play for australia, but found his way blocked by better keepers.  a geelong boy i think.  another who may come home and help our little old a-league again …

they are still ours.  and i am proud of em.


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