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March 4, 2009

if you couldn`t have the double …

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which would you rather your team won, the prem`s plate or the champ`s trophy?

i`d take the prem`s plate thanks.  best across the season.  there is a nice feeling of achievement to it.  even more with 27 games next season.  tis how our big brothers in europe hand out the main silverware …

first dibs on a spot in asia.

so if my team was gonna win one of the two, i`d want the premiership.

the championship is in an usual position compared to other sports in australia.  for afl, the championship is the pinacle.  for rugby league, despite there being the champion vs champion game against the english champion, it is the pinnacle.  when au and qr were battling it out for that grandfinal spot, they were thinking about the spot in asia, not the grand final.  i think a lot of fans felt the same.  then less than a week after the GF, a lot of the same players were getting ready for an asian cup qualifier.  the GF really doesn`t get any time to itself.

i think GFs and knockout finals do make a lot of sense in the american context, where balanced league play is rare, and geographically grouped conferences play each other many times.  but if you are gonna have a knockout final after a balanced league (granted, ours is slightly unbalanced, being 3 rounds), it is on much more shaky ground.

could a move to a 6 team playoffs weaken the championship`s prestige?  and if it does, would i mind?


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