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March 1, 2009

a fitting end to the season

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hmmm, melbourne won.  congratulations.  sorry, i can`t quite bring myself to call it a treble; its a double for mine.  pre-season cup?  sorry, don`t care about it.  but vic is the only team to get the double.  and they`ve done it twice.  and any team that doesn`t pull off the double (which should be most champions, not expecting the double to be a regular occurance) will be a notch down from these mighty vics.  i told myself to say something about the winners, cos i was gonna gloss over them. they did what was expected.

adelaide was the team that walked away with more credit.  they showed a lot of character, a lot of discipline, and gave themselves a chance to win it.  well done.  they have a lot of old heads on young shoulders – jamison, mullen, cornthwaite in particular did solid jobs.  travis dodd came alive after the first sending off.  he and jamison are the two reds that seem capable of something special; except he defers too much.  wants to be one of the boys or something, when he should be aiming to be the man.    i quite enjoyed watching them park the bus in front of goal in the first half.  football is now a game between haves and have nots (how many of the vics subs are worthy of a-league starting spots?  leigh broxham can`t even make the bench).  there is no glory in letting yourself get ripped apart.  is this how other teams will play the vics next season?

the lack of quality of play didn`t ruin the entertainment value for me … it was scrappy good fun.

hehehe, matthew breeze.  hehe.  all i`ll say on him is that i hope the FFA is thinking long and hard on how to increase the number of refs available and to help them develop their skills so that they can be a bright spot for the game in oz.


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