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February 26, 2009

the lie of jogo bonito …

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spend too much time reading the sbs website and you will start to dream of all the beautiful football played by the artistes and fantasistas in brazil, argentina, spain, 70s holland and so on and so on …

the ball is glued to their shoe as the sun shines and birds sing … playing for the joy of the game, the joy of life … that despite the risks involved, they believe in a higher calling than mere winning and aim to become gods amongst men on the football field … and would rather lose playing beautiful football than win playing ugly.

bullsh!t.  its all about winning.  and these countries have developed footballing cultures that most efficiently place them in winning positions. 

once upon a time, pre-adriano, brazillians were rather small (many still are).  and pele and co weren`t gonna beat the swedes (relative giants) by knocking the ball down the middle.  hence a game played with speed, deception and movement … love of the game my @rse.  they wanted to win, and developed a style of play that would give them best opportunity to do so …

the same goes for lionel messi.  he is not a guy who is gonna win too many headers.  even in an under 15s match.  the guy plays in the most effective way that he can. 

same goes for the bunch of mini-mes who just won the eurochampionship. 

does this mean that strapping big people like us aussies should just keep on kicking people and knocking it down the middle?  well, no.  c. ronaldo has size and technique.  why have just one when you can have both?  somebody in africa is gonna figure out how to win trophies sooner or later, and it will be through a mix of flair and brawn …

but the idea that “beautiful football” is based on love of life or something and is inconsistent with a killer instinct has to go. 

it is just a highly effective approach to getting trophies …

nothing more.  nothing less.


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