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February 22, 2009

a football fan`s lot …

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while everyone focuses on the trophies, and the champagne, the natural state of a football fan is not victory.  every victor has to slay several others … my joy is only as great as your sorrow.  in the a-league season that has just been (well, its over for my team, and has been over for most other teams for a while too), fans have feasted on a range of emotions …

some teams underperform fans expectations, leading to depression

some teams perform about where expected, which neither excites or depresses, but leads to an emotionless ennui

some teams overperform, leading to excitement

some teams blow hot and cold, giving their fans false hope … leading to depression

you should sing when you are winning, cos chances are you won`t be for long.  simple fact is that most fans in any league will have some kind of disappointment any given year.  hell, even winners can feel like losers – real madrid won back to back titles through grit and determination, and their fans were almost as depressed as the teams that got relegated … your supposed to win titles when you are that fabulous n rich n good looking, win them in style.  anything less is a disaster …

newcastle fans must have gone through a mix of excitement, shock and then dismay …

sydney fans too …

central coast fans would have been dreaming of dizzy heights, but then crashed back to earth.

wellington fans thought “here we go again”, only to realise they had a decent team, which just fell short

perth fans would have had similar feelings … except their team fell shorter, and they have lost more pieces, again

victory fans … enjoy the ride.  already have the first silverware of the year, probably gonna get the other trophy too

reds fans … god knows how they feel, they should be happy because this team is so much better than last year`s squad, the asian adventure, still in the running (but against their bogey team …)

roar fans … deflated?  the start of the year was pretty shocking.  i didn`t think they would get into the four.  but i am happy.  they played some good footy along the way.  could they have gone further?  yeah, but they didn`t.  oh well, there is always next year …


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