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February 21, 2009

congrats adelaide united …

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queensland roar was measured.  and found wanting.  hell.  i am writing this before the game even finished.  but even if we jag a goal, go to extra time and win it, we still have been found wanting.  oh, there is the whistle.  1 – 0 to AU.  they won.  qr lost.

i felt a strange satisfaction at barbiero`s goal.  when i saw adelaide`s line up, i was worried about barbiero in an advanced midfield position.  that other goal he made this year was a cracker.  so was this one.  next year he`ll get a header.  his only goal of the season.  it`ll be from halfway. and he`ll score a tap in next year too.  sorry, starting to say crazy stuff.

welcome back jonas.  would you like a game at the roar next year?  so much for him playing as an anchor, he spent a lot of his time fairly forward.  very very handy, strong player, quick, short passing game that really gives adelaide something extra.

mullen did some excellent work on zullo.  doesn`t get forward much, but his defensive work on a guy whose last game was a cracker was something.

sash and cornflakes took van dijk out of his game.  and they did it with by the book defending.

as for the roar?  that lovely composed passing game that the roar showed recently was gone.  a much slower game from the roar.  was it because of AU`s defensive abilities, or because the roar were trying to be cagey?  did the roar buckle?  or did AU meticulously take the roar out of their game? maybe a more analytical mind knows, i don`t.  van dijk was taken out of the equation, so was zullo, with some very good defensive work.  devere stood up.  nichols buckled under the pressure (good kid, maybe he`ll grow because through this experience).  murdocca and mckay were strangely anonymous.  isaka cernak looks an interesting one for the future.  not a speed merchant like minniecon, but rather a guy with a short passing game and close control … a very different fish.  how far has kruse fallen this season?  cernak gets the nod over him, henrique too.  a season ago he looked a better player than zullo.  they really have taken different paths … zullo in NT squads, kruse watching roar games from the sidelines.



  1. Yep. Lets get Salley – he would fit the Roar’s game well. Adealide sucked. So negative. Glad i only have to watch them three times a season! GO Victory…

    Comment by Ed — February 22, 2009 @ 6:27 am

    • unfortunately the scoreboard doesn`t lie. negative, positive … it was effective. we did not put the ball in their net, while they put the ball in ours. so i figure hail to the victors.

      what is going on with next season? 3 games against each opponent? how did they decide who gets the extra home game?

      eh, thats a question for later. they played some good footy this year, the roar. so whilst deflated, i can be happy with this year …

      Comment by notyalcsdrawkcab — February 22, 2009 @ 12:02 pm

  2. dont think you need salley boys, mass and matt do that job…what you need are a couple of fullbacks…tiatto and packer were poor, and seo is old

    Comment by The Round Ball Analyst — February 23, 2009 @ 12:02 pm

  3. hi tony, i had thought that the fullback slots were a weak link back when the team was spluttering, and hoped we could find an evan berger or tarek elrich or two.

    but then i kinda forgot about it when the team started playing well.

    salley is just a daydream. if he isn`t in demand for next season, something is very wrong with the other clubs scouting.

    i wouldn`t mind seeing mass in that right fullback slot. he has got the engine and nous to defend and get forward when the situation allows … perhaps a dani alves-ish type of right back.

    yeah, someone has to be found and brought through for that left back slot … a zullo – oar combination on the left could be madly brilliant going forward … but is either capable of defending??

    Comment by notyalcsdrawkcab — February 25, 2009 @ 3:37 am

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