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February 21, 2009

beware of greeks bringing gifts?

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a couple of little bits and pieces from the blogosphere and forumsphere have been rattling around my head without really coming together …

the melbourne hearts proposal

con constantine`s wankerdom

anything bout the nsl days

sydney united (i thinks?) trying to hock its players to croatia rather than the a-league (justified given the arbitrary, limited transfer fees on offer from a-league clubs)

and a recent piece against an upcoming victory v olympiacos friendly.

some people really don`t like wogs.  new soccer can feel like an ethnic cleansing at times.  sometimes its couched in a more acceptable manner, sometimes not, but i really get the feeling some parts of oz soccer don`t like wogs or wog clubs. the long history of football in oz, all of the players who have come through (including all the current socceroos except harry k), all of that gets thrown out of the window because of bad management and some fan violence? or is it just the anglos clearing out the wogs?

seems like we still don`t have peace in australian soccer, but rather a protracted cold war … the calendars aren`t particularly aligned (ok, that`s hearsay, but it sounds cool), the state leagues are still rotten (in some cases … cough, nsw, cough), and we aren`t celebrating the long history we have as a soccer nation.


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