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February 20, 2009

they don`t all have to be game of the year … chocobo wii wasn`t, and i am glad i played it.

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with the cost of game consoles (or heaven forbid, a gaming pc), and the cost of new games, and peripherals, there is a real temptation to stick to the tried and true …

triple A, game of the year contenders.  you could quite happily get 6 of those and have a year`s worth of quality gaming in your hands for about $400 ish.   but you would also be missing out.  its like watching the 6 biggest selling movies of the year.  or reading the year`s 6 biggest selling novels.  you`ll be getting a high quality experience that is aimed at a very wide market.

you will miss out on the quirky, adventurous underside of the market.

chocobo wii.  it is a low risk, random dungeon generating rpg.  you look for treasure, you beat monsters and level up, you buy stuff … its all been done before.  and usually with much more risk.  unlike traditional random dungeon generating rpgs, you don`t lose your experience points upon death, just the items you are holding … BUT it is a simple, seen it all before game that does a lot right.  the art design, the music, the overall charm of the game really comes together nicely.  and its a wonderful change of pace after playing something with more action.  i think i played this after playing mario galaxy.  this game was like a blanket and cup of warm milk and milo … and cookies.  not a great game by any means, but it really scratched an itch.

i have got too much stuff going on to play everything that comes out that piques my interest.  same thing goes for music, books or music.  so i leave a lot of stuff unbought and unplayed.  i don`t mind missing out.  but i will continue happily mixing gaming of the year contenders with flawed, lesser but quirky games …


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