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February 20, 2009

a training junkie`s dillemma …

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the central tenet of training is shock.  shock.  trauma.  damage.  at its most basic level, building muscle is a process of ripping apart muscle fibres, which then rebuild themselves as larger, stronger muscle fibers (or is it more muscle fiber?  anyhoo). and over time you have to increase the shock so that you can rip apart these larger, stronger muscle fibers …

i enjoy training.  i enjoy that feeling of pushing yourself to exhaustion, and then having some happy drugs flood out from your brain.  i enjoy the clean feeling you get, when you have done a good cardio workout and your body has been pumping a lot of blood around your system.  but through this process of going to your limits, your limits change.  you get stronger.  what was once hard becomes a walk in the park.

i was just at the park doing hackeysack with leg weights on, interspersed with rope skipping.  3 minute blocks of skipping with a speed rope.  it used to be pretty hard.  while i could feel a bit of muscle fatigue, i was nowhere near my “limits”.  nowhere near my happy drug release from brain fix …

same thing happened with a recent 4 hour bike ride … and a recent soccer match … no post work out buzz …

i don`t particularly want to get fitter, i just love my post workout buzz payoff.  and i am not getting it right now.  i now have to change my workouts so that they are punishing enough to get my post-workout payoff …

ps.  i am not as bad a training junkie as i once was.  i no longer go past my limits, and i don`t work out when i am injured.  and i don`t count calories …

pss.  no, no 6 pack abs here.  but i did lose 30 kgs after i became a training junkie (over 2 or 3 years).


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