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February 16, 2009

the long weekend

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the aus v japan game was part of a long weekend – meeting up with a mate (travelling from brissy), seeing the footy, sightseeing in tokyo, snowboarding in gunma, and a day in kyoto before taking a train back to shingu.

i cannot remember the last time i felt this tired.  maybe after an 8 hour bike ride.  maybe while i was writing research papers for a masters while also working a nightshift dataentry job … its been a while.

first – it takes me about the same time to get to yokohama as it would for someone travelling from australia.  8 hours on a train (in daytime), or 10 hours on a bus (at night time).  i took the bus.

the footy was exciting.  in a “how did we dodge that bullet?” kinda way.  i thought i would feel blegh about the sightseeing in tokyo, but i enjoyed it as much as my neverbeentojapanbefore friend … i like walking, i do a lot of it.  instead of going to gyms and stuff, i`d rather strap some leg weights on and go for a walk for 2 hours … we walked to much.  but it was so easy to keep on going.  then snowboarding time.  it is so exciting, you don`t notice how tired you get … after snowboarding was the one good rest i had – dazing/chilling in an internet cafe before the night bus to kyoto.

we got these night buses over here, its a time convenient, cheaper way to travel – but you don`t really get a good sleep on them.  rode them twice in two days.

that last day in kyoto we were walking noticeably slower, it was all catching up with us.  and after a really interesting shrine, and the street that is famous for geisha … we were done.  nothing more was possible, as we wouldn`t have enjoyed it.

so basically i haven`t learnt from my mistakes in spain …

a later post will have to be “clayton`s travel rules”


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