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February 8, 2009

a longer season

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ok, it was one 8 team season too many, but more teams are coming.

even with the shorter season we just had, it is pretty amazing to look at some of the turnarounds that have taken place.  ccm was on song at the start of the year, roar was outside the four and looking in, sfc looked good, the reds were yet to start their asian adventure (or the tail off after it) … only mv has had something like consistency this year …

more teams, more games … the premiers plate will only grow as an achievement.  performing well across the season will just get harder and harder.  especially if more overseas interest in a-league players leads to more mid-season player movement.  teams are just gonna have to figure out how to deal with player losses (i`m looking at you ccm – jedi is gone, get over it).

having additional prizes on offer changes the equations somewhat.  clubs and fans want the plate, cos its the first available piece of silverware, cos its an entry ticket to the champions league, cos there is a chance to do the double.

the double, best across the season, biggest cajones in the knockout games … only mv have pulled it off so far.  it probably won`t be a common achievement.

trophies have as much meaning as fans and teams give them.  the fa cup isn`t what it used to be. i want my team to take next years premiers plate.  i think a lot of other fans want that for their teams too.  interesting times.


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