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February 3, 2009

2008 wishlist

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Get a dental implant or a bridge - didn`t do it yet.  i should do something, instead of having a gap in my teeth …

Go kayaking – didn`t do it

Knit a cool beanie for next winter – didn`t do it

Have a big night out in Shingu (try local bars) – didn`t do it

Have a big night in in Shingu (invite people to have a drink downstairs) – didn`t do it – god i am on a good roll here!

Score a goal in a soccer match – finally!  yes, i did score one goal.

Fly a kite – did it, and it is a blast

Dribble the ball in a soccer match – did this.  badly, but did it.

Join the local aikido school – did it, still there too, one year later.

Create a DS circle (that has 8 people) – didn`t do it, don`t know enough gamernerd adults.  but i did a ds playing non-class before christmas with some kids classes

Buy a projector and a stereo – did it.  very good value for money methinks.

Cook a rice pudding – didn`t do it

Watch 15 movies – i stopped counting, maybe i did it

Ride the Tanabe – Hongu – Shingu triangle – didn`t do it

Holiday in Italy – didn`t do it, went to spain instead, close enough

Talk about the weather in Italian – didn`t do it

Buy the good arcade stick I want – didn`t do it, maybe for the best, i haven`t played streetfighter for a long time

Download and watch Australia`s WCQs without checking the score on the internet first … didn`t do it

Cook a bread pudding – didn`t do it

Sing a random Japanese song at kareoke – didn`t do it

wow, i really didn`t do much on this list … but what i did do, added to my enjoyment of the year …


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