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February 1, 2009

leaving money on the table …

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i have recently tried some pc gaming.

checked my computers settings, realised i could run “the orange box” by valve.  played some demos, and was quickly sold.

ok, for those that don`t know, “the orange box” is a collection of games including “portal”, a puzzle game, Team Fortress 2, a shooting game, half life 2, an adventure game, and half life ep 1 and 2, 2 short followups to half life 2. half life is a first person perspective game, and you do shoot things, but i consider it more of an adventure than a shooting game.

anyway … portal blew me away.  just a well made game that toys with physical impossibilities.  and its fun.  only 4 hours, but what a 4 hours. team fortress 2, had a lot of fun – the art style, the class system, even the level of polish … fun fun fun.  half life 2 –  i loved it.  all these games were very very pretty.  ps3/xbox good.  i think.  ok, uglier, but close enough for me.

so pc gaming is looking like a great choice for me.  and i already had the machine.

an eventual problem though, is that eventually i will run out of games i want to play … my entertainment laptop can run most things made by valve (makers of half life 2), even their new games, most companies games from 2006 and some from 2007, but not others.  puzzle games, a lot of indie stuff will run no problem … but a lot of the big name stuff … i can`t run it.  call of duty 4, call of duty world at war, bioshock, assassin`s creed, gta 4 …these games require a 256 mb videocard.  my 18 month old mid level laptop (which i did not buy thinking about videogames) has a 128mb videocard.

actually, scratch that bit about it being a problem.  there is a lot of stuff i can play … i had a blast with half life 1, and that was a 1999 game.  and the new left for dead will run well on my computer, and that looks fun.  thinking about the original fallout too.  and i have a wii, and there is a stack of stuff i haven`t played on that yet either.

so its not a problem.  for me.  there are so many games around, i really have no rush to play this stuff.

i would have played some of those games if they ran on my pc.  but by setting their minimum specs above what my pc (and many other casual fans have), its like they are saying they don`t want their money.  yes, pretty graphics is important – but if they used a lower spec as their development base, and just prettied up the graphics etc for people with higher spec machines, wouldn`t everyone be happy?  more people can play the games.  company sells more games.  its like they don`t want my money.

war of warcraft (which i avoid cos its like crack) runs on a stack of machines.  the stuff that valve puts out will run on a stack of machines … even their latest game, which came out at the end of last year.  the only big name action game that will run on my machine from last year.

they`ll get more of my money more quickly than the publishers of call of duty 4 will …


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