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January 27, 2009

i don`t do resolutions – 2006, the start

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screw that.  they are always tainted by this protestant “i should give up something i like, cos its BAD, vibe”.

back at the end of 2005, i made a “to do list”.  i wanted to make a set of resolutions that focused on DOING not STOPPING.

here is the 2006 list and how i did

• Create a NOW bank account  – did it, so glad i did
• Play chess against a stranger – eh, played an online game or two.  just isn`t the same as playing against buddies
• Organise my photo/mementos – did it, but god it was boring
• Write a letter to Ali / other friends/ my family – did it
• Go to a really nice restaurant – did it
• A weekend in Sydney – didn`t, which is a pity, cos i got some great old uni mates based there.
• Finish Japanese Text – did it, but unsure of how much help that was
• Go horse riding – didn`t do it
• Write a short story – did it.  twas fun.  was it a good story? god no.
• Fly a kite – finally did this at the end of last year.
• Surf lesson – i sucked at this.  really.
• Go fishing – did it.  i suck at this two.  i`d rather read a book by the shore, and then go buy fish somewhere.
• Learn Katakana – again, it took a while, 2 years maybe.
• Make a cool website – tried, but didn`t.
• Scuba dive – didn`t
• Cook a new dish – did it, but since moving to japan, i have totally left the kitchen.
• Fill my cook book! – didn`t, but made a decent fist of it.
• Draw a picture – see short story.
• A weekend in Melbourne – took a year to do this one.  well worth it.  i might live there later.
• Look at the stars – did it.  loved it.
• Look at the sun rise – see looking at stars
• Look at the sun set – ditto
• Ride the ferry – brisbane ferry is a must, for visitors and locals.  loved it.
• Go to a livehouse – did it, and then some.  the globe was a brissy fave.

• Go to a cinema – did it, loved it.  the globe was a brissy fave.  (a live music joint and a cinema!  whoda thunk it?)

• Good tidy!!  kinda??????
• Go to a concert – didn`t go to anybody famous, but loved the nonames i did see
• Go to a musical – didn`t, but i did last year on holi in spain.  sometimes i just take a while.
• Buy a comic – got some indie stuff, there are always gems mixed in with the crap.
• Wear new clothes – did it, and strangely enough, my style started changing.

so there it is, a mixture of whimsy, self improvement and treating myself …

and i have done it ever since.


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