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January 26, 2009

happy aussie day / being invaded day!

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i try to follow things at home from over here, and hear aussie day / invasion day has rolled around again.  it just isn`t the same without shitloats of jingoistic tv ads.  especially the lamb ones.

even more surprising was hearing some debate about what date it should be on.

before i continue, i should add that i am one of those annoying as shit blue eyed, not real “aboriginals”.  i have blue eyes, i had blond hair.  i am like 1/16 aboriginal by racial percentage or something.  so by the australian definition, i am not aboriginal.  but that is the australian definition of aboriginal, not the aboriginal definition.  the aboriginal definition is that you have aboriginal lineage, are a part of an aboriginal community, and understand and take part in aboriginal culture.   and i am, and i do.  so i am aboriginal.

should we change the date? celebrating the country, great weather, just before the kids go back to school, the timing is pretty much perfect.  so why is there a debate?  because snide bastards like me write “/ invasion day” whenever i talk about it.

for some, its a tradition, and shouldn`t be changed.  also a lot of aussies don`t want to hear aboriginal people talking about the past (or as they say, “going on and on and on and on about it) … and the reason to change the date is to include aboriginal people.

but how can aboriginal people get in on the party?  everybody else can enjoy the party, but not us.  celebrate the coming of the first europeans?  celebrate the start of the colonisation of australia?  i think (i could be wrong), that if i asked somebody that wanted to keep the same date “if you were aboriginal, could you celebrate aussie day?”  i can`t imagine anybody could say yes.  everyone else can join in, skips, wogs, asians, africans, but not aboriginal australia.

i would love to celebrate australia.  modern australia.  its a great place.  there is a lot to be happy / grateful about.  but i am not gonna celebrate a day connected to the colonisation of australia.

so the big question is whether the majority of my countrypeople want a day that everyone can celebrate, or do they want a day that everyone except aboriginal people can celebrate …

i would love to come to the party, but right now i can`t.  and if you were me, i can`t imagine you could either.

OR do we keep things as is?  you have your party, and aboriginal people can have a day of mourning?  a lot of aussie people are uncomfortable with the past … the current aussie day is one of the few times that aboriginal issues get air time in the public consciousness …

pss.  the politicians won`t change the date … what if the people who don`t want to celebrate the current aussie day made another one on a date that isn`t so negatively charged?  i dunno, take over the queen`s birthday (who care`s about her), have a big bbq that day and call it something witty “everybody`s aussie day”.  ok.  that isn`t witty, but … something like that, but witty.

so happy/sad aussie day / invasion day to all!



  1. What about having a “Folks is Folks” day? I cant stand this rising tide of nationalism that seems to be emerging in Australia. I completely understand the comments made by Mick Dodson about the date, and after what has happend over here in the last few years on Australia Day, I cant see why anyone would want to celebrate it. How can any ethnic group join in when the day has been taken over by the “go back to where you came from” louts.

    I was in Byron Bay this weekend and was walking in to see the Roar game at the pub when a bunch of flag wavers drove by and shouted at me to go back to where I came from (Odd thing is I’m of scottish background – guess it was the football shirt??)

    Recon Football is a great servant to international and cross cultural understanding, just read a great book by Franklin Foer called How Soccer Explains the World” about how football has been a major force for change in recent history, recon you would really like it.

    Comment by Ed — January 28, 2009 @ 11:50 am

    • hi ed,

      i had completely forgotten the possibility of not having a nationalistic day. people are people. is there a need to be proud of your country? nobody chooses to be born where they were born.

      being away from home i have missed a lot that has happened recently – the “go home” louts at the big day out, the cronulla riots …

      football can facilitate cross cultural understanding, when people want it to. spending time on bigsoccer and forums, you read a lot of nationalistic tripe. or maybe i am missing the point. which is to avoid forums in the first place.

      one of my goals for this year is to read more … a non-fiction book about football and culture could definitely go on my reading list.

      Comment by notyalcsdrawkcab — January 29, 2009 @ 9:50 am

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