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January 25, 2009

yoisho ba-chan

Filed under: Life in Japan — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 8:55 am

there is this old lady who lives on my street.  she is 4 ft something, with an arched back like the hunchback of notre dame.  looks 80 something.  and has this short, shuffling stride.  and with every second step, she whispers/mutters “yoisho”.  and it is utterly hilarious.

yoisho is the sound you make when you get out of bed, stand up, lift something heavy … you say it before you start something tough. this old lady says this before every step she takes. every step.  okay, i am exagerrating.  she says it about every two steps.

yay!  what i have to look forward to in old age!  treating every step as an adventure, one that i may not survive.

its kinda impressive though.  every step is like lifting a heavy box, but she keeps at it.  she is one tough old cookie.


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