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January 25, 2009

i guess its time to say something nice about the coach

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i always found it easy to criticise frank farina.  always looks under pressure.  his teams don`t seem tactically flexible, his teams lost their shape while attacking and shipped too many goals.  puts too much trust in known players … i could go on.  after saying all that, you`d think he was awful, but he was never awful.  he has positives, but it is just so easy to talk about a coaches shortcomings.  coaching, who`d want the job, eh?

i got to see the first half of last night`s game … and again was very happy with what i was seeing.  a team that looks excited by, rather than scared by the challenge.  best passing i have seen out of the roar (i didn`t see much of miron`s days).  calmness in front of goal.  players playing to their strengths … so the team is in great shape.  later it hit me, a lot of that comes from the coach.  ok, all of that starts with the coach.

the team looks good.  so hail to the coach.

randommy stuff from the game.

was charlie miller`s injury a blessing in disguise?  a slow van dijk with a slow no 10 earlier in the season, versus a slow van dijk with a mobile no 10 behind him?  yeah, charlie was the only one with any goals at the start of the year – his quality is easy to see.  and yeah, part of van dijks improvement is adjusting to the league, and showing some attitude.  but having nichols join the front line at speed makes van dijk a lot more dangerous.  cos he ain`t gonna beat anybody with his speed.  he is a player who needs company.  and with nichols playing behind, he is getting it.

tahj minniecon, off the pace after the week off with injury, or someone who only attacks defenders who he knows he can beat with pace?  if it is the latter, does that qualify him as a flat track bully?  that was nothing like his last game against ccm.

and ummm, happy happy joy joy.

and ummmm, frank, keep up the good work.


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