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January 22, 2009

random life stuff

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i just got back from break, and in two weeks, i am taking more time off. 

gonna show a buddy around Shingu, go snowboarding, watch the aust v japan soccer match, chill in tokyo.  we are both bad organisers, so we still gotta talk about the nuts and bolts of the whole trip … but only two weeks to go. 

random stuff … batman the dark knight.  i could sense its quality, but i can`t particularly say i enjoyed it.  you could feel that it was the same guy who did “memento”, but … i felt a flatness all the way through it.  eh, i can`t quite elucidate what exactly it is, but, i did not get into this movie. 

urgh … at this morning`s aikido lesson, i totally f$cked up a forward roll.  instead of making first contact with arm and smoothly rolling and standing up, i landed flat on my back.  landing flat on your back is just like … landing flat on your back.  if your`e curious, go find a banana to slip on and check it out.  the shock goes right through every bone and filling, and knocks the air out of your lungs, and you wonder how bad the bruising is gonna be.  looks like a lucky fall, hell of a shock, but no bruising. 

the latest book, “bookends”, i figured it was an entertaining piece of light romantic comedy about upper middle class 30 somethings in england.  which it is.  but in the end the best friend finds out he is hiv +.  i got teary.  i admit it. 

i am trying knitting again.  it makes me so sleepy …

and i find winter is turning me into a hibernator.  bed really is the best place to be.  its cold.  why get out of bed?  it is a real battle to get to aikido lessons, to get up and go out walking … even just getting up before 8 is an effort.

last but not least, “the frou frou foxes”, a not famous band from brisbane.  i bought the cd before i left that cute little city / big country town, and this simple, hi tempo, young male rock really gets into your head.  its not punk, but there is a rawness and energy to their music that harkens back to, well, punk.  and they get extra points for being delightfully awful.  one song has a chorus “please don`t kick my baby”.   horrible horrible horrible, but i read a short sci-fi story a long time ago where nanotechnology medical repairs “legitimised” child abuse.  break an arm, nanobots fix it as soon as you have done it.  an the kicker was that the perpetrator, mummy dearest, had been using the medical nanobots to keep the baby as a giggling, googling, easy-to-abuse can`t walk yet toddler for 5 years or something.


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