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January 18, 2009

pleasantly surprised

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i got to catch the first half of the game before being dragged to a going away party … and i was pleasantly surprised to see a roar win. considering they played on wednesday (and even with a week`s rest that can run out of gas at the end of games), i was expecting the roar to get overrun from about the 30 minute mark or so … even at 2 – 1 i was expecting a tie or a loss. so getting home to see the roar hold on for the win was very, very nice.

i am really impressed with some of the passing the team is playing … i saw some pretty dreadful patches where there passes missed, but when they passed well, and it was pretty damn good.

i think mike zullo is progressing very nicely, and a very important part of the team. but there are two more things i`d love to see him add to his game. 1 – consistently dangerous crossing; yeah, he`s not terrible by a-league standards, but this is the kind of thing that`ll keep him on the bench when he does eventually try to make the move to europe. sometimes he zings them in and he`s sized up where his teammates are, and other times, he doesn`t. 2 – i`d love to see him rip into defenders ala tahj. i love the confidence tahj plays with.

sergio is slow, but he is playing hard for his team, he`s adjusted to the style and tempo of the a-league, and the guy is a footballer. that second goal came out of some awful sydney defending. it was a strange kind of amazing watching sergio getting in behind the defenders. a rookie mistake by the sydney defender which was punished. surely every team from now will have one central defender man marking sergio and the other nearby?

i am enjoying mass murdocca`s work a lot recently, especially his ability to keep the ball at his feet, take a probing run, and use his mobility/turning ability to keep the ball away from his defender. i think it has a very calming effect on the team.

uggh, disappointed to hear how kruse isn`t making the most of his game time. perhaps he`ll be a warning message to other bright young things that it can all go wrong. gotta work hard. gotta improve. gotta get mentally tough.


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