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January 17, 2009

i haven`t forgotten playing fatal frame 4

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usually this is a good thing.  i haven`t forgotten this novel/book/one night stand … usually means it was good, no?

but in this case.  it isn`t.

the first half of the game played out so well … atmospheric, creepy, i had this feeling of a deep story being slowly explained, and resolved.  and then?  nothing.  the whole story goes out the window, and this crappy boss fight is the finish.


about halfway through, you meet a creep, evil little girl, and you have a couple of boss battles with her, you have to go to her room a couple of times, the room is lit strangely, you get stacks of info about this evil evil little girl  … everything points towards her being an important part of the story.  but she isn`t.

maybe i had this totally wrong because my japanese is crappy, but i got this weird vibe that the doctors who were supposed to be helping the patients at the hospital on the island were actually using them, causing their curses/illness for some evil purpose …

the creepy hot woman pushing around her wheelchair bound sister … whom you run into a couple of times.

all of these plot strands point to a grand coming together of an engrossing story

BUT none of this matters

it all ends with a crappy boss battle that has little connection with all these tidbits of plot / character you are given in the first half/3 quarters of the game.  and you are given so much.  i remember a dossier to read that was 20 pages or something …

most games fail to fully realise their storylines.  metroid prime 3 didn`t.  half life didn`t.  but i can`t judge fatal frame on the basis of other games.  so much was hanging on the storyline.  and i was REALLY getting into it.  and i was really curious to see how it all tied together.  but it doesn`t.  so many interesting material and characters is introduced, but does not relate to the ending. it was a real, “what the fuck” moment.

a fatal frame fan will probably tell you that this is how the games always are.  the stories never make sense / have a sense of completion.  hi aimee.

but i feel cheated.  and i don`t know if i will try this series again.


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