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January 16, 2009

the coldest stretch …

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jan and feb, the coldest part of the year over here in japan … after a holiday, i just got thrown off my routine and now do not have the mental strength to do a lot of stuff i like to do.  my girlfriend has the right idea i think – stay under the blanket as long as possible.  its the best place to be in the house, so why leave it?

before the christmas break, i was going to early morning aikido lessons … but i haven`t gone back to the dojo.  at 6am it is pitch black, 1 degree celcius if you are lucky, and the dojo is unheated.  aaargh, the lesson is very beneficial for health etc, interesting, you meet up with really nice people … but the bed is warm, and i know outside is not warm.

i kee p on turning on the alarm on my phone in the afternoon, but then i turn it back off after riding home in the cold … and then i tell myself “tomorrow”.  will tomorrow finally, really be the day i go?

i just set the alarm again.

PS.  i pushed myself out the door at 6am … wearing as many layers as i could and still move.  it was pitch black out there … and the cold still gradually crept in …  i get to the dojo and i see the thermometer is hovering around 2 degrees.  was a fun lesson, but i had to try not to think about how cold my toes were … then on the way home my hands started stinging from the cold.  the cold shocked me so much that i got home and went back to sleep till 11 or so …

pss. february is colder.


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