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January 8, 2009

i finished half life 1

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but any sense of triumph is just wiped by the fact that i couldn`t beat the final boss on normal setting … after an hour of dying and dying and dying, i put the settings down to easy just so i wouldn`t die so quickly, and even then it took me another hour to beat the fucker.

what can i say, i suck at fps.  but to be fair, i really haven`t played many games on pc.  i have always used consoles …

oh, and it turns out that not seeing your weapon was just a glitch that was happening on my game file.  another glitch i found was that the game would freeze everytime i used a particular weapon.  i never did find out what that gun did.  game froze everytime.  maybe it would have helped me kill the boss quicker?  i dunno.

interestingly, girlfriend was just saying that she was sick of menu type rpgs, ala dragon quest, and that she is rather enjoying half life.  i guess the freedom of movement and action generated tension are a new buzz for her.

and have now started on half life 2 – omg they took a while between 1 and 2 (6 years i think), and it really shows.  the character models, the lighting, the walking speed. the use of music.  the quality of the voice work.  ummm, i do a lot of dying.  again.  i was tempted to dial it back to easy, because i died more than 10 times trying to walk down a corridor.  10 fucking steps.  but eventually i got past it, and went to my next die many times place.  but despite my suckiness, i am enjoying the game.  perhaps “enjoy” is the wrong word when a game sends you on a mad high tension dash out of a police state … its like saying you “enjoyed” watching “trainspotting”.  maybe i am “engrossed by” works … nah, that sounds funny.  ok, i am not enjoying this, but i am drawn to it.

interestingly, the makers like to create an illusion of choice in terms of how to get from a to b, but there is always only 1 choice.  but as a player, i ignore this fact and play along with it.  for some, linear is a dirty word, but i think channelled, linear games can be very focused, and let the maker really nail the story …


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