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January 31, 2009

a rock and a hard place …

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so, apparently angelic trumpeters did not appear during the australia v indonesia game and play “ave maria” while the crowd cheered the amazing football displayed.

jump on forum sites and many were outraged. shocked even. calling for the euroroos to be played. more fool me for wasting my time scanning forum sites. yeah.

but lets look at that possibility … minor league bench euroroos could be called up. their teams probably don`t mind missing a player who doesn`t get field time. or the scandinavia based players, their leagues are finished. hell, even the russian season is finished, i think. could pull in wilkshire…

maybe you could put out a higher quality team. but would they do a better job. will a more talented, but not playing regularly team do a better job? my guess is no.

without regular game time, there is more chance of defensive lapses – the sharpness isn`t quite there. and the game fitness won`t quite be there either. never mind the ability to handle the heat after coming from the european winter.

so – a euro team would have different strengths, and different problems.

which is the better choice?


January 30, 2009

2007 wishlist

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2007 Wish List

[edit – * is the stuff i did so far, ** is the stuff i think i will do before the end of the year]

*Wear a Cowboy hat
*Make a cocktail
Visit Mt Cootha Gardens, see the gardens, the skyline and the sky at night
*Play “Under the bridge”
*Hang out with the little wiggly things I see when I look at a blue sky
*Take the QLD drivers licence test
*Make some hommus and tzatziki : )
*Take a 1 month holiday in Japan
*Subscribe to “choice” magazine and compare transactional bank accounts
*Cheer the QLD Roar
Visit Sea World : ) and eat at the Japanese restaurant there
Organise, or attend, a Eurovision shindig
**Sunrise BBQ didn`t do it
Dance at a doof doof club
Watch a play
Laze on a sailboat
Fill my cook book
Grow a tomato bush
*Send my grandparents some pokies money
*Fall asleep at the beach, listening to the waves
Make my own version of “tetris” using newly found C or Visual Basic Skills
*Organise my photos etc
Play lawn bowls
Cheer Australia versus Argentina
Visit Hamilton Fishmarket
Introduce Chie to the Sydney boys
Finish Visual Basic and C cd roms
Make my own version of “Drug Wars” using newly found C or Visual Basic Skills
**Fly a kite – didn`t do it
*Go fishing
Cry in a movie
Cheer Australia in the final of the AFC Championships
Grow a chili bush
*Write to my grandparents, Ali, Liam and Yokos

January 29, 2009

the a-league player talent drain …

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the smh has started with angsty pieces about the talent drain to asia. and goal has an editorial on it.  by the much more creditable mike tuckerman. 

simon colossimo, of all players (not a bad player but he missed HOW MANY games this season?) is potentially moving on to the k-league.  others are following.  korea and china so far.

my take?  short term pain (MAYBE, a big maybe), but longer term gain.

aussie players moving to richer leagues expands the pool of professional players.  good thing.  simon collossimo moves to korea – gets a chance to earn more cash and experience asian football, another player gets to take the spot he had in the a-league. 

just think, roddy vargas is now a full time professional player, and was in last night`s national team squad – if melbourne hadn`t given him his chance, he would have been still playing amateur football at state league level.  now that is a waste.  matt simon, evan berger, fabian barbiero, shannon cole … others have similar stories.  there is more untapped talent in the amateur state leagues.  waiting for their chance. 

and a lot of the youngsters from the youth league have not disappointed when given opportunities in the a-league. 

i am picturing, eventually, some guy working a job while playing state league goes to play as a full time professional in indonesia, or singapore, or hell, india?  why not?  its a chance to play the game you love as a professional.  not everyone will want to go globetrotting, but for those that want the opportunity, more opportunity will be there.

if there is a problem, it is that our scouting and development aren`t good enough yet.  to really rock the world, you need a bigger pool of players than Australia currently has.  that is the problem, not players moving to richer leagues.

asian player drain = more opportunity for more players.  win win. 

OK, some back of the envelope number crunching.  asia is an opportunity to increase the pool of professional footballer “vacancies” available.  there are 800 ish professional AFL playing vacancies / opportunities in the world … 16 teams, soon to be 17.  about 40 paid players per team.  rugby league is about the same.  the opportunity to play the sport you love as a profession is a very special opportunity.  even if you aren`t a millionaire, playing the sport you love full time is living the dream.  soccer?  there are about 200 professional positions in the a-league, and maybe another 100 professionals currently overseas. 

the eventual goal for soccer in australia?  having the same pool of professional players as AFL and rugby league.  why shouldn`t soccer players have the same level of opportunity to live the dream as those who love the other codes?  this will occur through increases in the size of the a-league (eventually 14?  16? teams), and through having more players in europe and asia. 

we`ll know we`ve made it when richer leagues start poaching our coaches.  will viddy be the first?????

January 27, 2009

i don`t do resolutions – 2006, the start

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screw that.  they are always tainted by this protestant “i should give up something i like, cos its BAD, vibe”.

back at the end of 2005, i made a “to do list”.  i wanted to make a set of resolutions that focused on DOING not STOPPING.

here is the 2006 list and how i did

• Create a NOW bank account  – did it, so glad i did
• Play chess against a stranger – eh, played an online game or two.  just isn`t the same as playing against buddies
• Organise my photo/mementos – did it, but god it was boring
• Write a letter to Ali / other friends/ my family – did it
• Go to a really nice restaurant – did it
• A weekend in Sydney – didn`t, which is a pity, cos i got some great old uni mates based there.
• Finish Japanese Text – did it, but unsure of how much help that was
• Go horse riding – didn`t do it
• Write a short story – did it.  twas fun.  was it a good story? god no.
• Fly a kite – finally did this at the end of last year.
• Surf lesson – i sucked at this.  really.
• Go fishing – did it.  i suck at this two.  i`d rather read a book by the shore, and then go buy fish somewhere.
• Learn Katakana – again, it took a while, 2 years maybe.
• Make a cool website – tried, but didn`t.
• Scuba dive – didn`t
• Cook a new dish – did it, but since moving to japan, i have totally left the kitchen.
• Fill my cook book! – didn`t, but made a decent fist of it.
• Draw a picture – see short story.
• A weekend in Melbourne – took a year to do this one.  well worth it.  i might live there later.
• Look at the stars – did it.  loved it.
• Look at the sun rise – see looking at stars
• Look at the sun set – ditto
• Ride the ferry – brisbane ferry is a must, for visitors and locals.  loved it.
• Go to a livehouse – did it, and then some.  the globe was a brissy fave.

• Go to a cinema – did it, loved it.  the globe was a brissy fave.  (a live music joint and a cinema!  whoda thunk it?)

• Good tidy!!  kinda??????
• Go to a concert – didn`t go to anybody famous, but loved the nonames i did see
• Go to a musical – didn`t, but i did last year on holi in spain.  sometimes i just take a while.
• Buy a comic – got some indie stuff, there are always gems mixed in with the crap.
• Wear new clothes – did it, and strangely enough, my style started changing.

so there it is, a mixture of whimsy, self improvement and treating myself …

and i have done it ever since.

January 26, 2009

happy aussie day / being invaded day!

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i try to follow things at home from over here, and hear aussie day / invasion day has rolled around again.  it just isn`t the same without shitloats of jingoistic tv ads.  especially the lamb ones.

even more surprising was hearing some debate about what date it should be on.

before i continue, i should add that i am one of those annoying as shit blue eyed, not real “aboriginals”.  i have blue eyes, i had blond hair.  i am like 1/16 aboriginal by racial percentage or something.  so by the australian definition, i am not aboriginal.  but that is the australian definition of aboriginal, not the aboriginal definition.  the aboriginal definition is that you have aboriginal lineage, are a part of an aboriginal community, and understand and take part in aboriginal culture.   and i am, and i do.  so i am aboriginal.

should we change the date? celebrating the country, great weather, just before the kids go back to school, the timing is pretty much perfect.  so why is there a debate?  because snide bastards like me write “/ invasion day” whenever i talk about it.

for some, its a tradition, and shouldn`t be changed.  also a lot of aussies don`t want to hear aboriginal people talking about the past (or as they say, “going on and on and on and on about it) … and the reason to change the date is to include aboriginal people.

but how can aboriginal people get in on the party?  everybody else can enjoy the party, but not us.  celebrate the coming of the first europeans?  celebrate the start of the colonisation of australia?  i think (i could be wrong), that if i asked somebody that wanted to keep the same date “if you were aboriginal, could you celebrate aussie day?”  i can`t imagine anybody could say yes.  everyone else can join in, skips, wogs, asians, africans, but not aboriginal australia.

i would love to celebrate australia.  modern australia.  its a great place.  there is a lot to be happy / grateful about.  but i am not gonna celebrate a day connected to the colonisation of australia.

so the big question is whether the majority of my countrypeople want a day that everyone can celebrate, or do they want a day that everyone except aboriginal people can celebrate …

i would love to come to the party, but right now i can`t.  and if you were me, i can`t imagine you could either.

OR do we keep things as is?  you have your party, and aboriginal people can have a day of mourning?  a lot of aussie people are uncomfortable with the past … the current aussie day is one of the few times that aboriginal issues get air time in the public consciousness …

pss.  the politicians won`t change the date … what if the people who don`t want to celebrate the current aussie day made another one on a date that isn`t so negatively charged?  i dunno, take over the queen`s birthday (who care`s about her), have a big bbq that day and call it something witty “everybody`s aussie day”.  ok.  that isn`t witty, but … something like that, but witty.

so happy/sad aussie day / invasion day to all!

January 25, 2009

yoisho ba-chan

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there is this old lady who lives on my street.  she is 4 ft something, with an arched back like the hunchback of notre dame.  looks 80 something.  and has this short, shuffling stride.  and with every second step, she whispers/mutters “yoisho”.  and it is utterly hilarious.

yoisho is the sound you make when you get out of bed, stand up, lift something heavy … you say it before you start something tough. this old lady says this before every step she takes. every step.  okay, i am exagerrating.  she says it about every two steps.

yay!  what i have to look forward to in old age!  treating every step as an adventure, one that i may not survive.

its kinda impressive though.  every step is like lifting a heavy box, but she keeps at it.  she is one tough old cookie.

i guess its time to say something nice about the coach

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i always found it easy to criticise frank farina.  always looks under pressure.  his teams don`t seem tactically flexible, his teams lost their shape while attacking and shipped too many goals.  puts too much trust in known players … i could go on.  after saying all that, you`d think he was awful, but he was never awful.  he has positives, but it is just so easy to talk about a coaches shortcomings.  coaching, who`d want the job, eh?

i got to see the first half of last night`s game … and again was very happy with what i was seeing.  a team that looks excited by, rather than scared by the challenge.  best passing i have seen out of the roar (i didn`t see much of miron`s days).  calmness in front of goal.  players playing to their strengths … so the team is in great shape.  later it hit me, a lot of that comes from the coach.  ok, all of that starts with the coach.

the team looks good.  so hail to the coach.

randommy stuff from the game.

was charlie miller`s injury a blessing in disguise?  a slow van dijk with a slow no 10 earlier in the season, versus a slow van dijk with a mobile no 10 behind him?  yeah, charlie was the only one with any goals at the start of the year – his quality is easy to see.  and yeah, part of van dijks improvement is adjusting to the league, and showing some attitude.  but having nichols join the front line at speed makes van dijk a lot more dangerous.  cos he ain`t gonna beat anybody with his speed.  he is a player who needs company.  and with nichols playing behind, he is getting it.

tahj minniecon, off the pace after the week off with injury, or someone who only attacks defenders who he knows he can beat with pace?  if it is the latter, does that qualify him as a flat track bully?  that was nothing like his last game against ccm.

and ummm, happy happy joy joy.

and ummmm, frank, keep up the good work.

January 23, 2009

we`d love to have a rivalry with sydney

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i think qlders / brisbanites would love to have a rivalry with sydney, but we just don`t.  in pretty much any aspect of life.  including football.

they are rivals with melbourne (i`m talking in a general city v city sense, cos they aren`t “rivals” in the a-league). we are a little brother type who loves to knock big bro over, but big bro usually spends his time ignoring lil bro and fighting with the big tough kid across the street (melbourne).

if we weren`t the only two states who played rugby league, would there be a nsw/qld rivalry in state of origin? i say no. i think we need to start thinking about sydney as just another team, cos that is how they see us. they have got the dates for the games against victory circled on their calenders.

January 22, 2009

random life stuff

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i just got back from break, and in two weeks, i am taking more time off. 

gonna show a buddy around Shingu, go snowboarding, watch the aust v japan soccer match, chill in tokyo.  we are both bad organisers, so we still gotta talk about the nuts and bolts of the whole trip … but only two weeks to go. 

random stuff … batman the dark knight.  i could sense its quality, but i can`t particularly say i enjoyed it.  you could feel that it was the same guy who did “memento”, but … i felt a flatness all the way through it.  eh, i can`t quite elucidate what exactly it is, but, i did not get into this movie. 

urgh … at this morning`s aikido lesson, i totally f$cked up a forward roll.  instead of making first contact with arm and smoothly rolling and standing up, i landed flat on my back.  landing flat on your back is just like … landing flat on your back.  if your`e curious, go find a banana to slip on and check it out.  the shock goes right through every bone and filling, and knocks the air out of your lungs, and you wonder how bad the bruising is gonna be.  looks like a lucky fall, hell of a shock, but no bruising. 

the latest book, “bookends”, i figured it was an entertaining piece of light romantic comedy about upper middle class 30 somethings in england.  which it is.  but in the end the best friend finds out he is hiv +.  i got teary.  i admit it. 

i am trying knitting again.  it makes me so sleepy …

and i find winter is turning me into a hibernator.  bed really is the best place to be.  its cold.  why get out of bed?  it is a real battle to get to aikido lessons, to get up and go out walking … even just getting up before 8 is an effort.

last but not least, “the frou frou foxes”, a not famous band from brisbane.  i bought the cd before i left that cute little city / big country town, and this simple, hi tempo, young male rock really gets into your head.  its not punk, but there is a rawness and energy to their music that harkens back to, well, punk.  and they get extra points for being delightfully awful.  one song has a chorus “please don`t kick my baby”.   horrible horrible horrible, but i read a short sci-fi story a long time ago where nanotechnology medical repairs “legitimised” child abuse.  break an arm, nanobots fix it as soon as you have done it.  an the kicker was that the perpetrator, mummy dearest, had been using the medical nanobots to keep the baby as a giggling, googling, easy-to-abuse can`t walk yet toddler for 5 years or something.

January 18, 2009

pleasantly surprised

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i got to catch the first half of the game before being dragged to a going away party … and i was pleasantly surprised to see a roar win. considering they played on wednesday (and even with a week`s rest that can run out of gas at the end of games), i was expecting the roar to get overrun from about the 30 minute mark or so … even at 2 – 1 i was expecting a tie or a loss. so getting home to see the roar hold on for the win was very, very nice.

i am really impressed with some of the passing the team is playing … i saw some pretty dreadful patches where there passes missed, but when they passed well, and it was pretty damn good.

i think mike zullo is progressing very nicely, and a very important part of the team. but there are two more things i`d love to see him add to his game. 1 – consistently dangerous crossing; yeah, he`s not terrible by a-league standards, but this is the kind of thing that`ll keep him on the bench when he does eventually try to make the move to europe. sometimes he zings them in and he`s sized up where his teammates are, and other times, he doesn`t. 2 – i`d love to see him rip into defenders ala tahj. i love the confidence tahj plays with.

sergio is slow, but he is playing hard for his team, he`s adjusted to the style and tempo of the a-league, and the guy is a footballer. that second goal came out of some awful sydney defending. it was a strange kind of amazing watching sergio getting in behind the defenders. a rookie mistake by the sydney defender which was punished. surely every team from now will have one central defender man marking sergio and the other nearby?

i am enjoying mass murdocca`s work a lot recently, especially his ability to keep the ball at his feet, take a probing run, and use his mobility/turning ability to keep the ball away from his defender. i think it has a very calming effect on the team.

uggh, disappointed to hear how kruse isn`t making the most of his game time. perhaps he`ll be a warning message to other bright young things that it can all go wrong. gotta work hard. gotta improve. gotta get mentally tough.

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