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December 19, 2008

how to learn kanji

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i have tried and tried to finish working through a textbook on basic kanji i received as a present from my old japanese teacher.  ok.  that is a lie.  i didn`t try to finish it.  its boring.  you`d have to pay me to finish it. 

and recently, i just said no.  i stopped.  i have given up on a learning style that just isn`t working for me.  i can learn spoken language.  cos i use it.  working through a text book.  forgetting kanji.  relearning them.  learning others.  not using them in my daily life.  its all a bit too much work. 

now, i have found a way to study kanji that suits me.  i just read what i want.  and if there is some kanji in it.  read it.  if i remember it, i remember it.  if not.  no prob.  but i am trying to understand the kanji that fits the context of my life …

by being my typical self.  just read what you like.  simple really.  it is amazing how many kanji i can figure out in japanese sex comics.  perhaps the simplicity of the subject matter helps – they aren`t exactly talking about philosophy, culture or rocketscience.  and its got boobs.  all kinds of them.  yes, tits are helping me to learn kanji.


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