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December 19, 2008


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i`m currently slowly picking my way through “half-life”.  if you don`t know half – life, here are the gory details.

its a videogame.  its a FPS – that means you see from the hero`s viewpoint, and you shoot things.  it tells the story of a scientist who has to escape from an experiment gone wrong, where both aliens and


marines are out to get him.


and it is 10 year`s old.  i decided to play this game because i was playing through the demo of half-life 2, and figured i would start right at the start.  after recently playing metroid 3, i`d kinda wished that i had played metroid 1 and 2 first, just to see how it has all evolved.  and after seeing parts of the very recent half – life 2, half – life 1 was pretty shocking.  did i mention it is a 10 year old game.  people were listening to C n C Music Factory back then … its a lifetime ago in general cultural terms, but in videogaming time, it is a couple of lifetimes ago.

where to begin … ummm, player movement.  whilst the buttons used for FPS player movement were figured a long time ago,  the character movement is so different from modern FPS`s.  the half life 2 demo, dude is walking.  half life 1?  dude is on a skate board … or one of the segway things.  and a really fast one.  other things?  more closed level designs.  different lighting systems.  blocky, blocky character models.   stupid enemies that can`t open doors, even when they should be able to.  hard, hard levels and a lack of guidance/nannying.  (wait up, that last one isn`t a bad thing).  you can`t even see the handle of the gun you are using (granted, you still can`t see your body in half life 2 …).

but then all that melted away.  i adjusted to the movement, to the graphics, to the character models.  i am loving being lead through this lovingly made game.  i think the company that made this game really does love the games they work on.  if it ain`t ready, it ain`t coming out yet.  team fortress 2 took 6 years to get out the door.  not many other companies can afford to take that long to get it right.  i stopped noticing the blockiness of the models and started noticing the creativity of the character design.  i stopped noticing the floaty, segway movement and just focused on the mazelike, creepy levels i have to survive.

its like i was a tech nerd who moved to a farming commune and then gradually adjusted to the older style lifestyle.

lucky for me.  i can look forward to mining past gaming standouts for as long as i want.  i have a feeling that i could really really get into the first fallout.  and its like $10 US or something now.  GOG has it.


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