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December 15, 2008

a tale of three youngsters

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with all of these mad, mad games that adelaide has been playing, i couldn`t help but think

– how are the benches over in greece nathan?

unfair?  yeah.  he would have been expecting to challenge for significant bench time, maybe even some starts by now.  it sounds like he could have gone to stronger clubs, but he chose his club because it looked like the best situation for him.  but it isn`t happening yet.  and the challenge of proving yourself to a european team must provide some staring-into-the-depths-of-the-soul character building. 

but look at the games that AU have had recently – 2 games against bunkyador (appologies for the bad spelling), 2 against kashima, 3 against gamba osaka, a game coming up against al ahly of egypt … tough, high pressure games against very good teams. 

scott jamison must feel like a lucky guy.  in the reserves at bolton.  out of sight, out of mind.  and now being showcased throughout this run of games.  probably first choice left back for the asian cup socceroos.  i wouldn`t mind playing him in the full strength socceroos given dave carney`s recent form. 

i wondered a little bit, what if burns had stayed.  he was best on the park for his lat asian cup game.  would he have given adelaide something extra if he had been around for the latter games?  maybe, maybe not.  AU does have diego up in the final third, as well. 

bruce djite would have no such thoughts.  he has landed very very well and has gotten a stack of playing time, including starts. 

in soccer, recycling the ball is a key component of play.  you aren`t going to score with every attack.  perhaps one of the unexpected benefits of the a-league is that it gives younger players the chance to recycle their careers.  europe is tough.  sometimes good players go to situations that don`t work out and they need to recycle – come home and get some attention here.  jamison is.  nick ward is.  nick carle did.


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