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December 8, 2008

murder is entertainment

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okay, i just finished watching “ainori” , which translates as “love ride” maybe – a dating, travelling show.  and the first item on the late night news that followed was the apprehension of a suspect in the recent murder of a 6 year old. 

whilst i can understand that the family and classmates of the victim are going through one of the most shocking situations you can find, i don`t think it is headline news.  i think the fact that it is headline news is because people find murder stories disturbing, exciting and ultimately titilating.  titilating means “get your rocks off over” if you are wondering.  or something like that.  the same way people slow down when they pass a car crash – you wanna see it, but you don`t want to see it, but you want to see it …

murder stories are pretty common lead stories on news bulletin.  but what importance do murders have to most peoples lives?  is somebody getting killed because of another person`s choice to kill them more important than somebody getting killed in a car crash?  or a work accident?  or a cancer?  aren`t there more important things going on in japan?  the government has this mad scheme to give everybody money to kickstart the economy … they are doing that in oz too, aren`t they?  anyone ever hear about this thing called the economy?  when it sucks you lose your job.  or the environment?  we gotta live there. 

many in japan worry about safety … they feel that their country is getting more and more dangerous.  is this fear valid?  or is a sensationalist media that panders to people`s morbid curiousity giving people a viewpoint out of whack with reality.  the year by year murders per 100,000 citizens figures would give a good picture of this.  i`m gonna take a wild guess and say they aren`t that different to the good old days.  this is the 5th safest country on the planet, based on murder per 100k figures.  this ain`t south africa.  or brazil.  countries with real violence problems.  i accept that some recent murders are shocking – the guy with the truck in akihabara was pretty crazy – but the year by year murder numbers aren`t going up. 

if they are, i apologise.  and let me know where the 4th safest country in the world is so i can move there. 

to summarise.  murder is entertainment.  it heads the news bulletin because it is fun to watch.  i think you are all disgusting.  why can`t you all go look at boobs or something if you want some kicks.


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