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December 6, 2008

not going to the nou camp – and that is fine

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3 weeks till i go to barcelona with my girlfriend.  we arrive on the 22nd.  the last round of la liga matches finishes on the 21st.  barcelona is playing at home, and they are positively FLYING HIGH at the moment.  playing fantasy football – messi, eto, xavi, iniesta, hell, even henry … they are all playing well.  and knocking in goals.  they are doing stuff you see in videogames.  no not fireballs and laser sight, i mean football videogames.  fifa and pes. 

a year or two back i would have changed the dates on my air tickets and changed my reservations.  but i didn`t.  my thoughts about football are changing.  big time.  i used to watch the champions league fervently, and follow the form of arsenal fc.  a team from london.  and i loved to watch internationals between the world`s best nations.  but since the arrival of the a-league in australia, and australia`s entry into asia … i don`t care. 

going to a roar game (when i was in australia), enjoying the match day and the crowd.  i just couldn`t get excited about a team in england.  even though i am not in australia anymore,  i know i will be back later, and i want to see the game develop back home.  the standard can be awful.  and the issues are many (thuggish players, bad reffing, the corporate nature of “new football”).  but its ours.  is football only about watching the best?  i don`t think so.   a sense of community and connection still has a place in modern sports, no matter how commercial or global the game gets.  i want to see melbourne victory get cr0wds of 50,ooo regularly.  passionate fans who will support their team even if they lose.  or if they suck.  and i want to see the other a-league teams try to match the victory.  for support and for play. 

the same with internationals.  enjoyed the latest euro championships.  some amazing goals.  excellent play.  but i was on the edge of my seat while australia scuffed its way through to the second round of the asian WC qualifiers.  and this is a very workmanlike australia team.  we`ve actually gone backwards in terms of talent (no young harry kewell, no young mark viduka, paul okon) … but thats ok.  its still gripping.  its still my national team trying to get to the big party. 

i could go to the nou camp.  probably have a lot of fun.  but i wouldn`t REALLY be a part of it.  i`d clap, and enjoy it, but i don`t care if bacelona fc win lose or draw.  having tickets for a barca game would feel nowhere as good as having tickets for an Australia – Japan world cup qualifier.  and i do have tickets, and i am ver happy about that …

hoping to see a j1 or j2 match next year up in osaka.  i like japan.  i like seeing the j league highlights on a late saturday night.  there are two teams up there … ganba and cerezo.  i think i might take cerezo, even though they are a mid table j2 team.  takes a brave man to wear pink.  and ganba seems like the easy choice after how they killed off adelaide in the ACL.


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  1. Kennedy is off to Nihon.

    Comment by john — June 23, 2009 @ 11:25 am

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