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December 2, 2008

addicted to concrete

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my thoughts on this topic are changing. 

i now think that australia`s addiction to ripping out trees to plant crops and make new housing estates, and our overuse of water is just as bad as japan`s concrete addiction. 

also, the roads that i use to enjoy the japanese countryside are just as man made, and just as damaging to local fauna / flora, as the concrete banks i used to hate … so i feel hypocritical railing against concrete as i ride down a man made road …

still, the sheer greyness of a lot of the city can get to you.  even the beach towns near yokohama are slabs of concrete …

but here are my original thoughts following.

there`s a lot to like in japan

peaceful vibe, cheap booze, good quality food, cheaper cost of living, i could go on …

but god are they addicted to pouring concrete everywhere.

i was cycling in the countryside yesterday, and you pass so many concreted river beds, so many concreted hillsides, that you don`t see it anymore. and this is in the middle of nowhere.

i passed this 20 house village, and i think there was more concrete in its surrounding than there is in my hometime (which has 8000 people).

i`ll have to read one of those alex kerr books someday …

but the short story seems to be that construction companies donate money to political parties, who then return the favour by splashing out on huge public works projects … or the government uses huge public works projects to kickstart the economy … or some combo of the two. guess i will have to read one of those books on how it all works, but the end result is that you are surprised when you don`t see a river with a concrete bed.


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