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December 1, 2008

portal – the orange box

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took me a while to get around to this one.  hadn`t tried pc gaming.  hadn`t gotten around to buying a ps3 or xbox (still haven`t). 

but eventually i bought some extra ram for my lap top so i could try the orange box set.  especially portal. 

so, portal.  one of the games of 2006.  gave companion cubes to the world.  glados and one of the hippest game theme songs ever.  its all been said. 

but a stack of my friends still haven`t played this one.  so it is worth repeating. 

the gameplay messes with your head.  in a wonderful way.  you are playing with impossibilities.  in much the same way as mario galaxy does.  the setting is stark and gives a sense of being a rat in a maze.  a very creepy feeling of being controlled.  very unnerving.  it has some of the best dialogue i have ever seen in a game.  just you and the computer.  and.  AND.  finishing the game and seeing the final credits role will be one of your favourite videogame moments. 

and yes, portal is 5 hours long.  but what a 5 hours.  go on.  if you haven`t tried it.  try it. 

ps. get it on pc and you can download bonus map packs.


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