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November 28, 2008

ruminations on australia vs japan february 11 2009, especially about nissan stadium and seating – now with stadium views

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heading off to get my tickets tomorrow from a nearby town (100km away) where they have a family mart convenience store (this chain is selling advance tickets, the rest get released a week later). 

but i finally finished my research on the tickets and the stadium.  my kind woman finished researching the tickets and the stadium … and i don`t have any more things to ask her. 

first off – more expensive isn`t always better.  unless you have a car you want to drive to the game, you probably don`t need a premium level ticket.  a premium (16,000 yen) is a category 1 ticket with a car space, a cool blanket, and a bento box (lunch type meal).  cat 1 (8000 yen) is the first level sideline seating.  cat 2 (6000 yen) is the 2nd tier sideline seating.  cat 3 and 4 are the corner seating and behind the goal posts. 

i have decided i want to watch the game from the main stand.  with a sideline view.  but now the only question is, do i go for the first tier, to be closer to the game, but have a worse viewing angle, or do i go to the 2nd tier, and be looking down on the play a bit (should be nicer to watch) but be further away from the action?  either way, you will be away from the action …

yokohama is a great place.  i really like it.  something about the harbour area is pretty.  and the chinatown is a blast to go through.  but i am not liking what i have seen so far about nissan stadium.  its a multipurpose stadium with an athletics track around the edge of the playing field.  i may even think about bring some binoculars.  it looks very well taken care of, and the access to transport looks good, and it seats 72,000 fan in safety and comfort.  but i wish they had chosen to play the game at the biggest football stadium in the area instead …

then i`d probably miss out on tickets cos it only holds 40 or 50 k …

after rambling like this … my gut is saying 2nd floor. 

ps.  if we play like we did against bahrain, i`ll happily cheer for my second team, the blue samurai.  maybe its a cultural thing, but the japanese just get on with their football.  no whinging in public.  i thought they had some very valid complaints after that game against us in germany, but all i heard was “congrats.  good win.” 

pss.  i am one of those terribly modern fans who cares more about the football played than about their team …

psss.  ground views from nissan stadium

my tickets!

other views



  1. Hi there,

    I stumbled across your website when I was looking for the Japan vs Australia football match tickets! I am desperate to go as I will be in Japan at that time. They only released 2000 tickets here in Australia and it is all gone.. there are so many of us that are looking for these tickets. Could you please tell me if there are any left in Japan??? I have a friend who is going there soon who may be able to help me buy first… please let me know.. I will be very grateful!!!

    Comment by Judy — January 9, 2009 @ 3:37 pm

  2. hi thanks for your reply… I do know about that website. Is it only a small number of tickets? Does that mean its the last of it? My friend will take a look for me.. thnx!

    Comment by Judy — January 10, 2009 @ 6:46 am

  3. hi judy, that is the last of them i think. my gut feeling is that you`ll be lucky to get some tickets.

    good luck

    Comment by notyalcsdrawkcab — January 14, 2009 @ 5:22 am

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