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November 26, 2008

have now reached complete nerdy foreigner status …

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live in japan.  check.  japanese partner. check.  enjoy being an outsider (my family is Aboriginal – so i am used to being an outsider even back home in Oz).  check.  play videogames.  check.  read manga.  check.  watch anime. check.  know who “morning musume” are.  check. 

the only thing missing was being into a martial art.  but now i have been going to an aikido dojo for almost a year.  i now meet every stereotype of the nerdy otaku foreigner living in japan. 

aikido – the hippy`s martial art.  heh, it fits me.  i don`t think i am tough.  don`t particularly want to damage anyone.  and the school is friendly.  i don`t think its the best martial art or anything.  i just knew people who do it, and a lot of foreigners come to shingu to practice (so i guess it must be a good school?) …

i was kinda nervous when i started, and i just started losing that anxiety now.  and getting my head around the moves was really difficult at first – now it seems much simpler to follow and understand others movements.  two central ideas seem to be very good for me, relax your shoulders and move from your centre of gravity; i always felt kind of awkward and top heavy before, so this training seems to be helping my general movement.  i was very surprised at my last soccer match – rainy day on a plastic pitch … i am sure i would have lost my footing before.  this time, no problems. 

now that i have confirmed my general weird foreigner status, i feel more comfortable.  i can start going to akb48 concerts, and maid cafes and stuff … cos i can`t get any uncooler.  feel like wearing a pink panda beanie?  i can just do it.


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